Vietnam Voices Student Video Contest

In advance of this fall’s highly anticipated PBS documentary seriesThe Vietnam War, KCPT invited students to capture the stories of local veterans, civilians and refugees who lived through the Vietnam era. Finalists from the contest were chosen in August and had the opportunity to meet Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. 

Although the contest is over, students can still submit films for inclusion in this project by following the steps outlined in "How to Enter."


Vietnam Voices Finalist - Naan Mun

Tiffany Tu describes her experience fleeing Vietnam in 1977 in this short documentary by University of Missouri - Kansas City students.

Vietnam Voices Finalist - The Vietnam War

Shuxin (Amy) Pan of the Barstow School captures the story of Đa Hửu Võ, a Vietnamese man who served as a military intelligence officer in the Vietnam War.

Vietnam Voices Finalist - Interview with Normal Sowell

Norman Sowell describes his Vietnam experience in a film by students from Park Hill South High School.

Vietnam Voices - Interview with Mike Angel

William Bennett Hume of Lee's Summit West High School shares the story of Mike Angel, a Vietnam War veteran who now serves in a different way.

Vietnam Voices Finalist - Interview with Joe Bauer

Jessica Blom of Olathe Northwest High School interviews Joe Bauer about his experience serving in the Vietnam War.

Vietnam Voices Finalist - KC Interviews Bob Abram

KC Eichenberger of Summit Lakes Middle School interviews his grandfather Bob Abram about his service in Vietnam.

Vietnam Voices Finalist - April 26th

Josh Marvine of Shawnee Mission Northwest High School interviews Charles Marvine, a Vietnam veteran, about his lucky day, April 26, 1970.

Vietnam Voices Finalist - 45 Seconds

In this short documentary by a group of University of Missouri - Kansas City students, William Payne discusses his experience serving in the military during the Vietnam War.

Submit a Vietnam Voices Student Video

How to Enter

  1.    Identify a veteran, civilian, refugee, citizen, activist or other individual with a first-person story to tell related to the Vietnam War.
  2. Record an interview with the person (find interview and recording tips below), and ask the person you interviewed to complete the Interviewee Release. If they have images, audio or video that you can use in your video, ask them to sign the second part of the Interviewee Release.
  3. Edit the interview into a two- to four-minute video that relates to the theme, Vietnam Voices. Be creative! Incorporate the audio, video and/or images provided by your interviewee, or look for public domain or Creative Commons (Attribution CC BY) materials to enhance your production.
  4. Upload your edited video to YouTube, Vimeo or Dropbox.
  5. Submit your entry by completing the entry form and emailing your completed Interviewee Release along with your Student Video Producer Release(s) to vietnam[at] before July 1, 2017. Although the contest to meet Ken Burns and Lynn Novick has ended, students can still submit their interviews for inclusion on the KCPT Veterans website through December 31, 2017.

Videos will be evaluated based on interview quality, narrative, connection to theme, production value, creativity and adherence to guidelines and instructions.


Make this a classroom activity! This condensed lesson plan provides connections to Missouri and Kansas curriculum standards in English/language arts and social studies. Find more lesson plans, instructional videos and educator resources on the left side of this page.


Children or young adults ages 10 to 24, as well as adults enrolled as students in a college or university, may participate. Participants over the age of 21 should not be (or ever have been) a paid media or history professional. Videos can be produced by individuals or groups of no more than five, but videos must be solely the product of eligible participants. Videos should be approximately two to four minutes long. All videos should include an original interview and a clear connection to the Vietnam War and, if applicable, the Kansas City area or surrounding region. Any included titles should use Helvetica or Arial fonts. Videos should not contain copyrighted materials without permission or other materials that might infringe on another’s rights.

 Interview and Video Production Tips

Resources For Public Domain or Creative Commons Materials

Lesson Plans for Educators

PBS Learning Media Resources for Educators